Friday, April 22, 2011


 1. Oracle Database DBA Activities

Pre-installation Tasks
Installing Oracle Server
Installing & Maintaining DB Tools
Instance upgrade
Database Patch Installation

Database Design & Setup
  • Physical Database Design and Implementation
  • Database Setup
  • Database Clean up / Removal
  • DB Cloning
  • DB Refresh
DB Instances
Start up and shutdown of Database instances
Setting up of Database replication / standby / clusters
Job scheduling

Verify all Instances are running
Look for any new alert log entries
Verify that SNMP is running
Look for Trace files
Session Monitoring
Query or Transaction monitoring
Lock and Latch monitoring
Activity / Redo Log monitoring
Job monitoring and Purging Job history
Replication / Stand by monitoring
Object Monitoring
Verify free space in tablespaces
Verify rollback segments

Reorganization of DB to remove fragmentation
Rebuild of indexes
Analyze of objects
Purging of DB logs and trace files

Performance Management
Verify that Server has enough resources for acceptable performance
Periodic Report Generation on Database Health
Identify bad growth projections
Identify space-bound objects
Review contention for CPU, memory, network, and disk resources
Generating statistics
Look for objects that break rules.
Ensure that all indexes use an index table space
Ensure that all tables have unique primary keys.
Look for harmful growth rates
Examine tuning opportunities.
Look for I/O Contention
Review fragmentation by investigating row chaining and other areas of fragmentation
Database Objects Creation / Review
Check for unusable indexes

User Management
User / Schema Creation
User Management

Roles and Privileges Management
Look for security policy violations
Look in Net8 logs for errors and other issues
Privileges & Access controls on Database

Backup and Recovery
Verify that the database archiving to tape was successful.
Verify that the database backup was successful
Backup execution and monitoring
Archive all alert logs to history
Conduct Backup , restoration drills for backup verification

Database Connectivity issues
Slow response
Operations timed out
Dead locks
Database Hangs
Database incident and error resolution
Archiver Process Stuck
Database incident and error resolution

Project performance into the future
Testing applicability of patches
Physical Database Design review
Validating Practices and Tools related to DB
Database Consolidation
Database consulting for Disaster Recovery
Database Software and Tool Evaluation
Database Backup & Recovery Design
Security Policies
Trend Analysis & Capacity Planning
Server configuration needs
Mapping user requirements to check availability or need to implement

Other Activities
Vendor Management
System Performance Monitoring
Maintaining Environment details
Shell Scripting for DB related work


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