Monday, October 31, 2011

Vi Editor Commands

Here are a few useful commands for those who are new to vi.

esc :q!
Just quit - don't save
esc :e!
Revert to saved
esc :wq
Save and exit
esc shift zz
Save and exit
esc i
Enter insert mode (edit mode)
esc a
Enter append mode (edit mode)
Exit edit mode
esc r
Replace a single character
esc x
Delete a single character
esc  u
Undo last Change
esc  U
Undo all changes to line
esc dd
Delete a single line
esc yy
Copy a single line
esc p
Paste a single line
Repeat the last command
esc /
String search
esc $
Jump to end of line
esc ^
Jump to begining of line
shift g (or) :$
Jump to the end of the file
:1  or gg
Jump to the begining of the file
Display the current line number
nG  (or) :n
Move to nth line of the file
:set nu
To turn ON numbering to each line
:set nonu
To turn OFF numbering to each line


Syntax:          :%s/WORD-To-Find-HERE/Replace-Word-Here/g   

To find each occurrence of 'UNIX', and replace it with 'Linux', enter (press ESC, type : and following command):

Task: Find and Replace with Confirmation
Find a word called 'UNIX' and replace with 'Linux', but ask for confirmation first, enter:

Task: Find and Replace Whole Word Only
Find whole words exactly matching 'UNIX' to 'Linux'; and ask for confirmation too:

Task: Case Insensitive Find and Replace
Find 'UNIX' (match UNIX, unix, UnIx, Unix and so on) and replace with 'Linux':

Same command with confirmation:

Task: Case sensitive Find and Replace
Find each 'UNIX' and replace with 'bar':
Same command with confirmation:

How Do I Replace In the Current Line Only?
Find 'UNIX' and replace with 'Linux' in the current line only (note % is removed from substitute command)

NOTE: You need to prefix % the substitute command to make changes on all lines:
 How Do I Replace All Lines Between line 100 and line 250?

EX : Find 'UNIX' and replace with 'Linux' all lines between line 100 and line 250, enter


Task :  Count the word ABC  in entire vi file     :%s/ABC/ABC/g


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