Thursday, December 8, 2011

Avoid Inactive PUTTY session

I’m taking Cold backup of database which is of 2TB size with Rman  using putty  for that I connected to rman(database in mount stage)  and written the backup script with 1 channel to disk and left  to my home in the evening so rman created a backup piece after it has reached around 160gb it has to create another backup piece but due to putty which is in idle for more than 1 hour it became inactive and unable to create another backup piece this results in rman to stop backing up my database
    So in order to avoid this kind of situation here is the solution

STEP 1 :Go to PuTTY Configuration –> Connection and set the "seconds between keepalives" to a non-zero value. This ensures that your PuTTY client sends NULL packets to the server regularly. If you do not know the idle session timeout defined on your server, then choose a small value for the "seconds between keepalives". The value you select must be less than the idle session timeout of your server for PuTTY to keep your connection active. The default value is 0 which tells PuTTY not to bother about keeping the connection alive. Refer the picture below:

STEP 2 : Save Your PUTTY Configuration
So, after completing STEP 1, you must go to the session window and click the “SAVE” button.
Then your Putty session doesn’t go to inactive state even though you leave that for a long time.


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