Friday, November 1, 2013

ORA-38500: Unsupported operation: Oracle XML DB not present

when i'm trying to do schema import with content=data_only option then i got this error below

ORA-31693: Table data object "SCOTT"."TEST" failed to load/unload and is being skipped due to error:
ORA-38500: Unsupported operation: Oracle XML DB not present

Then i checked the XDB status and it is installed and VALID status but still getting this error during the import

SQL> select substr(comp_id,1,15) comp_id, substr(comp_name,1,35) comp_name, substr(version,1,10) version, status from dba_registry order by modified;

COMP_ID         COMP_NAME                           VERSION    STATUS
--------------- ----------------------------------- ---------- -----------
EM                  Oracle Enterprise Manager    VALID
CATPROC         Oracle Database Packages and Types   VALID
CATALOG         Oracle Database Catalog Views   VALID
OWM               Oracle Workspace Manager   VALID
CATJAVA         Oracle Database Java Packages VALID
XDB               Oracle XML Database        VALID
CONTEXT         Oracle Text                VALID
EXF                Oracle Expression Filter   VALID
JAVAVM          JServer JAVA Virtual Machine VALID
XML             Oracle XDK                 VALID
RUL             Oracle Rules Manager       VALID

COMP_ID         COMP_NAME                           VERSION    STATUS
--------------- ----------------------------------- ---------- -----------
ORDIM           Oracle Multimedia          VALID
SDO             Spatial                    VALID
AMD             OLAP Catalog               VALID
APS             OLAP Analytic Workspace    VALID
XOQ             Oracle OLAP API            VALID
OWB             OWB                        VALID
APEX            Oracle Application Express VALID

18 rows selected.

After researching, according to Doc ID 1375713.1, The DBMS_METADATA_DIFF package was not completely compiled when it was created.
then  performed the below steps

SQL> alter package dbms_metadata_int compile plsql_ccflags = 'ku$xml_enabled:true';
Package altered.

SQL> alter package dbms_metadata_util compile plsql_ccflags = 'ku$xml_enabled:true';
Package altered.

and started import again then it WORKED !!

More on XDB :


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